Saturday, January 30, 2010

studies,sports and.... the rest you decide

when I,or someone likes a subject
people expect high marks on the subject that `I` like,don`t they?
that makes me feel edgy

History is my fav subject
Taekwondo is my fav sports,Oh! and Long jump and and and and haha
Fav Colour? well i like something citrus,like green,yellow,orange and something mysterious and hot like black and red
Hobbies haha i don`t have any specific hobbies i`ll do what i want in anytime,anywhere
i love Justin Bieber,Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga (and the rest like `ok` lah)
I`m a Facebook addict since i deleted my MySpace account :(
facebookers are so cool ;) and Myspacers? vice versa! hahahha

Me,Myself and You? haha

I kinda miss those special moments when im in Form 1 :(
1 neptune of course
Everything has change
My friends,
The teachers (not all teachers)
yeah as you know
people change,
so does my friends.. maybe because of the environment influenced...LOL
i actually love all my friends,girls,boys,both.. haha both?? :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello World

Hello People,I`m new here :).i appreciate any advice on how to manage blog.
Dont ask about my yahoo id or my handphone number because i will not give it :)

about my quirky personality

i am a canvas of my experiences.My story is etched in lines and shading,and you can read it on my arms,my legs,my shoulders,and my stomach.but like everybody else,i was born naked and screaming,waiting for my life to write itself on my skin.

I have many layers, you'd have to peel it one by one to get whats really going on inside.
i could say i have more than one personalitiy, i have this
bubbly, talkative and giddy person from one side
and the self centered,egoistic,harsh, on the other.

but the main would always stay. im very optimistic and i see good in anyone i trust people which makes me foolishly naive. i symphatize easily, especially to the ones in need and in animals. im very determined once i get my mind to it and unfortunately if someone dares me. im a tough cookie, very stubborn and i cant lose a fight.i can get mysteriously secretive,i keep my lips sealed,without possible knowledge about me, about what im going minimize the story of my life without a single soul knowing about it.

im very direct, very straight forward about my feelings, because id rather say something then never say a anything and loose everything.
im frank, im honest in opinions, and i dont patch up just to make people feel good, i say what i say and i mean what i mean.i can get pretty harsh, thus i dont go well with sensitive people.
i get along with almost anyone who can create conversation, i can get really imaginative, i talk nonsense pretty much the whole way, so id go well with people who can keep up with my crap LOL.
i dont like sarcasm, because you wouldnt want me to get started. plus i dont like being mean.

i have loads of friends but only a handful that i trust and cherish.

i dont judge people,i dont backstab,i dont gossip, i respect them, i dont go for what a person owns or has, or physically appears in. i go for personality, because it lasts longer.
so i expect for people to treat me the same way and dont simply judge me when you dont even know a person that well.which is very immature. shame on you! ROFLMAO